We all live on the same small blue marble therefore security is an issue for everyone of us

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Who Is Blue Marble


We have over 50 students participating in a wide variety of projects. Blue Marble is a group of undergraduate students who have formed a virtual company of American and international students focused on securing the future through thoughtful use of technology. Our student-led virtual company combines a rich educational experience in engineering design, team building, project management, and original product development.



What Does Blue Marble Do


Develop a student-owned Enterprise culture that fosters high professional standards, creativity, productivity, and a burning desire to learn. We intend for our graduates to be ready for the world’s most challenging careers as they complete the Enterprise Program. Our engineering and product development teams fall into two major business areas - industry sponsored R&D and commercial product development. Within these two areas we have 11 projects underway across a variety of technology areas including security, the environment, and industrial process control.


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