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Team: Urban Food Farming - Desert to Oasis
Coaches: Gerri Nix and Ric Jones


HSE project is highlighted in an article entitled "Lettuce Rejoice" ... linked here.

HSE team members use HSE project as basis for their entry to the Geargia Science and Engineering Fair. Second place result earns them a trip to the 2011 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles, CA. (read more)

Benjamin Mays HSE project at the core of 4th place award at the 2011Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. (complete results link) See EV320 p.30


Project Goals for 2011-2012

Year End Synopsis - June 2011

Expo Presentation - April 2011

Project Description

When we started this project we wanted to fill a need in our community. We thought of what our community needs the most, which was nutritious food. Then we tried to incorporate the need for nutritious food with architecture. In our research we found that Professor Despommier has assessed the need for food production in urban areas and he developed the idea of vertical faming. In vertical farming, you use buildings and the roof top of other buildings, as farms. Then he thought of the most productive methods of producing food, and he stumbled upon aquaponics and hydroponics, and applied them to architecture.

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