High School Enterprise Program

Oak Park High School

Team: Knight Tronics, Minds Connected
Coach: Bill Grimm


Project Description

Students will be learning about cell phone technology and the science behind wireless communication throughout the school year. They will spend six weeks in the summer developing a cell phone application. They will develop a business plan where they will research the market for this application, its target audience and ways to reach them. This application will be programmed and developed by the students in order to meet a current or future niche in the application market. In the future, this ground of students will teach incoming underclassmen these cell phone application programming skills.

Project Objectives/Goals

Team members will:

  • gain an understanding of all the technology that goes into a cell phone.
  • gain an understanding that all wireless technology does not work the same, that there are different areas of the electromagnetic spectrum that allow each to operate.
  • learn the technology of Radio waves and how transmitters receivers, relay stations and wireless communication works for each area of entity involved.
  • learn that wireless communication is really done through waves ranging from light, infrared, microwave, AM, FM, Television and thousands of other applications
  • design a usable cell phone application.
  • program the application and determine its worthiness and engineer new ideas into the application.
  • create a business plan for their application.
  • develop a marketing and production plan for their application and how they can sell it over the internet or in other markets.
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