High School Enterprise Program

Traverse City Central Senior High School

Coach: Mr. Keith Forton

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Project Goals for 2011-2012

Year-End Synopsis - June 2011

Mid-Year Synopsis - Jan 2011

Year-End Synopsis - June 2010

Mid-Year Synopsis - Jan 2010

Project Objectives/Goals

  • Construct a ROV out of suitable materials capable of going to 200 ft. in depth
  • Evaluate and implement an "onboard" power system for propulsion and electrical service
  • Modify the current optical system to allow the production of underwater 3-D still images
  • Study various "intelligent" controls systems and implement one into the ROV unit
  • Implement a system of data collection that will monitor the external environment as well as the health and well being of the ROV itself
  • Engineer a neutrally buoyant tether
  • Create an instrument data collection package that will be capable of being left behind and then retrieved at a later time
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