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Funding models

There are four essential financial requirements for HSE team funding:

  • annual teacher stipend,
  • team equipment and supplies,
  • team travel to the Undergraduate Expo (costs vary with distance and number of team members), and
  • and administrative support for the coordinating university (cost to be determined).

Four HSE funding models can be adapted to the available resources in each HSE community. With all four funding models, Michigan Tech alumni will play indispensible roles in the success of HSE.

Corporate Founder: There will be opportunities when the interests and needs of a large corporate benefactor will align almost perfectly with those of a school and its HSE team(s). The mutual interests will be strong enough that the corporate founder will chose to endow an HSE program, ensuring sustained support for the program.

Corporate Sustaining Partner: This model is most appropriate in larger, urban school communities where the likelihood of a large, financially sound partner with a strong community presence is greater. A corporate sustaining partner will commit to fully fund one or more HSE teams for multiple years.

Regional Corporate Partners: Smaller corporate partners who are willing to join with other regional companies can support one or more HSE teams from high schools in their communities. These companies would commit to help support an HSE team on an annual or multiple-year basis.

Small Business and Academic Booster Club Model: This funding model would serve smaller communities where there are not sufficiently sized corporate partners to unilaterally sustain HSE teams. In this model, small businesses, philanthropic citizens, and community organizations such as academic booster clubs will work together.

Under all funding models, corporate partners are encouraged to actively engage with HSE teams to suggest projects, mentor team members, and provide career opportunities such as co-ops and internships. Michigan Tech will work with potential corporate sponsors and HSE teams and school districts to develop partnerships, match interests with teams, and leverage support.

If you would like to start an HSE program at a high school, or want to support the program in any way, please get in touch with Doug Oppliger.

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