About Us

The Skate Team seeks to design and manufacture components involved with skateboarding and longboarding using the analytical skills gained from engineering classes at Michigan Tech. The BoardSport Enterprise allows the students to get out of the books and experience the practical application of the information and material learned here in their classes. Working with the enterprise also gives the students the chance to get to know other students who share the same passion and enthusiasm for board sports. Click the project title to figure out more about our past projects.

Current Skate Projects

Suspension Trucks

Team Members: Davin Wiitanen, Bill Lowney, Mike Drogowski

Design and manufacture suspension skateboard trucks.

Past Skate Projects

Precision Machined Trucks

Team Members: Luke McCloskey, Tyler Rick, Mitch Gamelin

A continuation of the senior project to model and manufacture a precision truck for longboarding and skateboarding purposes.

Board Construction

Team Members: Mitch Gamelin, Kody Nutting, Gordy Kast, Tyler Rick, Bill Lowneyp

To design and manufacture longboards of composite materials using the universal press.

Snow Skate

Team Members: Kody Nutting, Mitch Gamelin, Gordy Kast, Bill Lowney

Design and build industry level snowskates.

MDF Skate Die

Team Members: Kenny Van Maanen, Michael Trynoski, Michael Farrell

Once manufactured this mold will prove to be much more lightweight than our existing cement mold, as well as provide a very precise contour essential for creating a repeatable and concise product.

CNC Skate Jig

Team Members: Kyle Feldpausch

Design a mount to stabilize a skateboard blank in a CNC end mill

Longboard Die

Team Members: Ryan Bellaver, Joel Mancewicz, Luke McCloskey

The Longboard Die team is designing a contour in NX and SolidWorks for the production of blank longboard decks.