About Us

The Snow Team focuses on exploring and expanding our knowledge of the manufacturing side of the ski and snowboard industry. We do this by applying the engineering design and testing tools we learn here at Michigan Tech. The BoardSport Enterprise allows the students to get out of the books and experience the practical application of the information and material learned here in their classes. Working with the enterprise also gives the students the chance to get to know other students who share the same passion and enthusiasm for the board sports. Click on the project titles to learn more about the project.

Current Projects

Para-Alpine Ski

Team Members: Clark Kangas,Ethan Johnson, Andy Pietila, Hans Pietila, Lance Tolkkinen, Connor Spence, Clayton Kowalewski, Wincent Mills, Walter Mistak, Colin Lavigne

Design and manufacture a sit-ski for disabled and bring para-skiing to the community

Past Projects

Wax Scrapers

Team Members: Steve Olson

Create a wax scraper for board tuning and handing out at BST Events.

Ski Cores

Team Members: Alex Cain

The ski core mold was designed to fit in the universal press designed for a senior design project. The skis it would manufacture are designed to be all mountain agressive skis.

Rocker Board

Team Members: Ryan Logan, Jacob Prochnow, Gordy Kast, Tyler Menucci, Daniel Hammerstrom

Test core samples, quantify material properties, and press a team board

Ski Team

Team Members: Clark Kangas, Brady Severt, Hans Pietila, Trent Pietila

Learn how to design, press and produce skis and research innovative designs and material technologies.