About Us

The Wake Team was a part of BoardSports when the enterprise was created back in 2005. It died off sometime later due to having little interest as Houghton isn't known for its water sports. Wake Team was revived in 2014 and is desining and manufacturing new boards with the goal of competing with industry quality.

Current Wake Projects

Bi-Layer Wake Skate

Team Members: Kyle Wehmanen, Brady Severt, Alex Weber, Blake Salgat, Jordan VanCalster, Quintin Abel

Reverse engineering and manufacturing industry bi-layer wakeskate. After testing, the team will asses weaknesses and do a redesign and manufacture of a new wakeskate.

Past Wake Projects

Stand-Up Paddleboard

Team Members: Cleyton Cavallaro, David Swanson, Chris Grace

SUP is the second project since the revival of wake team and is also a senior design for two BoardSport members. Their goal is to manufacture a stand up paddleboard using foams, fibers and epoxy.

CNC-Core Wake Board

Team Members: David Swanson, Cleyton Cavallaro

Being that BoarSport hasn't made wake boards for a number of years, this project was to learn the process and try to improve on it. The wake board comprised of a cnc wood core and was wrapped in fiber and vacuum bagged.